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 Gallery of Inspection Photos

Photo 1
Photo 1 at left shows a hot water heater without siesmic strapping, a potential hazard, but it's in an confined space, most will assume it doesn't need strapping to hold it in place during an earthquake.
What do you think? Notice anything else?

... how about
Pressure relief valve drain line is missing or ends prematurely. This is a SAFETY HAZARD. Our inpectors would recommend this drain line be extended to a safe location

Photo 2 at right (top) shows what appears to be a normal overhead light fixture.
What do you think? Notice anything else?

... did you see the dark oblong stain running down the middle of the light fixture ... hmmm, it's a water stain. The renters had tried several times to get the shower repaired upstairs, but the landlord didn't responded, so the renter's quit using it several months ago.

Photo 3 at right (middle) sometimes it helps to turn the lights off to find or see the problem.

Photo 4 at right (bottom) with a thermal imager you can see where the water has leaked from the upstairs bathroom shower, repairs are needed for sure.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 5 at left shows what happens when the attic space gets to hot ... you can and will burn up your shingled roof.

Photo 6 at right (top) Notice the plumbing stack vents, vents are to short, should clear the roofomg material by six inches (6").

Photo 6i (illustration of stack vent clearance) at right (bottom) the stack should clear by 6".

Photo 6

Photo 6i

Photo 7

Photo 7 at left shows debris in the crawl space, it needs to be removed to help prevent attraction by rodents.