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 Speed Up Your Inspection

1.  Confirm that all utilities are on (water, gas, electricity) and pilot lights are burning.

2.  Ensure pets won’t hinder inspection – tell realtor about animals to be kept outside.

3.  Replace any burned out light bulbs.

4.  Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – replace batteries if needed.

5.  Clean or replace dirty heating and air conditioning (HVAC) air filters.

6.  Move any stored items away from foundation.

7.  Unlock any areas the inspector must access: gates, attic doors, electric service panels, closets, etc.

8.  Confirm areas are accessible. Remove stored items that may restrict access to attic, crawl space, electric panel, water heater, HVAC equipment, etc.

9.  Trim tree limbs back from roof and trim shrubs away from house to allow access.

10.  Repair or replace broken, damaged or missing items: door knobs, locks & latches, window locks & latches, window screens, etc.