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What's Inspected

My Professional Standards of Practice dictate that I inspect those items that are visible, and that I am non-intrusive. The following is a partial listing of the systems and components that are observed during the home inspection*.

Roof covering, flashings, skylights, chimneys, roof penetrations, ventilation, gutter and downspouts

Roof sheathing, roof framing, insulation, plumbing, chimneys, ventilation, roof penetrations, ductwork, electrical wiring

Foundation, siding and trim, attached decks & porches, railing, soffit and fascia, flashing, windows & doors, driveways and entrance walkways, grading around the house

Electrical panels, wiring, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches & receptacles, GFCI breakers

  Heating & Cooling:
Air conditioning and heat pump equipment, electrical supply, air handler and furnace equipment, condenser and evaporator coils, condensate drain, supply and return ductwork

Water heater, water supply piping, hose bibs, waste and vent piping, fixtures, toilets, sinks, showers and tubs

Oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range, vent hood

Walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors, fireplaces, stairways, ceiling fans

Floor, walls, ceilings, vehicle doors and automatic door openers

* (various limitations apply)