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 Why You Want an Inspection

Most residential properties do not come with a clean slate - there will always be some maintenance or repairs that need to be done. A professional property inspection will identify those matters that need attention. Armed with a property report, you can make an informed decision about whether the problems are so severe that signing on the dotted line might be a costly mistake.

So before you buy real estate, consider these reasons why you should invest in a property inspection:

Damage Control: Suppose that a house you viewed needs a new foundation. Or that the apartment building that you are considering purchasing needs a new roof. You may or may not know that you have a problem. Why wait until after the deal is closed to find out? Your negotiating position is much stronger if you know about problems in advance - and accurately know the cost to correct them.

Financial Planning: A property inspection pinpoints both the positive aspects, as well as the maintenance that will be necessary to keep a home or building in good shape. After an inspection, both parties have a much clearer understanding of the value and needs of the property.

Peace of Mind: An inspection provides you with an independent and objective opinion as to the condition of the property at the time of inspection. This will help eliminate the number of surprises you may discover in the future. You will have invaluable details about the property - the condition of the systems and structure, where the utilities shutoffs are located, how the various systems operate and more. You will have peace of mind!

We strongly encourage you to attend the inspection, so that you can ask questions and learn more about the property. After the inspection, you will have a better understanding of the property and will be able to make confident decisions based on unbiased factual data. HouseNspect provides you with the knowledge, confidence, service and responsiveness you need in a property inspection company. We typically spend between one and three hours evaluating a property, depending on the type of inspection and the size of the real estate involved. We may also recommend further evaluation if problems or symptoms beyond the scope of the inspection are discovered.